HPD rescues illegal immigrants after being held by alleged smugglers

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- When it comes to immigration issues, Texas is no stranger.

Monday morning in southwest Houston, one resident says he saw HPD rescuing a group of Hispanic guys at his apartment complex who may have been hostages.

Desmond Zeno, a neighbor says, "I believe they had some illegals up there or whatever.  I'm not too, too sure but that's what I seen, they pulled out a group of guys and had them in patrol cars out here."

Houston cops say they were searching for a possible missing person and were flagged down by an illegal immigrant who had been held by a smuggler.

When police arrived at the house they found 3 more illegals, but the suspected smugglers were already gone.

The neighbor says this isn't anything new.

"I see a group of guys pop up.  A few days later the group is gone, maybe within that same day or later that night or the next day, it's a whole new group of people up there, and then it's an ongoing process.  Within a week I may see 3 or 4 different groups of people going up there at a time," Zeno added.

What a shame, this real human drama unfolding on the streets of Houston.

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