Islamic State means big change for FX’s Archer spy show

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NEW YORK, New York – Isis has come a long way from back in the day when ancient Egyptians worshipped her.

Then we put her on the boob tube with “The Secrets of Isis.”

Now it’s Islamic State that’s giving ISIS a bad name.

For some reason people don’t want to be associated with terrorists and thugs who kill prisoners, behead hostages, and blow up religious shrines. Why, it’s gotten so bad that the International Secret Intelligence Service is changing its name next year.

The Daily Beast reports that the creators of the adult cartoon Archer on FX have decided it’s better for their non-governmental spy agency to join the CIA.

That means they’ve had to remove all references to ISIS for the upcoming season, but they won’t edit out the names from past seasons. The change also means FX may be stuck with a lot of Archer ISIS merchandise.

But the cartoon spy agency isn’t the only organization with the ISIS name.

The internet Sexuality Information Services is now simply YTH. The institute for science and international security, is still ISIS-online. And ISIS Pharmaceuticals hasn’t changed its name.

Of course, something tells us that the ISIS women’s clothing site, won’t be confused with the ISIS women’s clothing and machine gun site.

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