Man sexually assaulted a woman in Manhattan gay bar

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MANHATTAN, New York -- This is not what you would expect from a gay bar, or any bar for that matter.  A man tried to rape a woman outside the restroom of Flaming Saddles bar in midtown Manhattan, New York.

The woman lost consciousness during the attack.  The man, allegedly, threw her to the ground and ripped her underwear.  At that point, security guards discovered what was happening and intervened.  The man fled the scene, but police later arrested him, thanks to video surveillance.

Manhattan resident Ricardo Lambert, 34, is the main suspect.  He faces one charge of attempted rape after, police say, he choked and tried to sexually assault a 34-year-old woman inside the bar.

Here in Houston, the Monstrose area is known as the hub for gay fun, so it begs the question: do women feel safe at gay clubs?

"No one's ever tried to assault me or anything like that,"  said Meagan Alexander.  "I've only come in contact with really friendly gay guys."

"I think New York is actually really different than a place like this," explained Melina Price.  "I just think that crime runs a little bit more rampant."

"I usually feel safe when I go to gay clubs," concluded Jordan Chambers.  "I'm pretty aware of my surroundings though."

It looks like no matter where you are, you should always keep your guard up.

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