Photo App Snapchat latest to be hacked

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HOUSTON, Tx.  -  Admit it, you thought it was funny when hackers swiped all those photos of nude celebrities and posted them on line. Well guess what, the next chapter in the hacker-gate scandal may not be so funny. Photo-sharing app Snapchat has taken to Twitter confirming that it's users have been 'victimized' by what it calls 'third-party applications' designed to steal people's private images. And word around the hacker-sphere is that it's not just celebrities the hackers are after. Meaning if you're a Snapchat user, the next round of nudies to hit the web might be yours.

"I think that maybe this would be an impetus for people to keep what's private private and not put themselves in situations where they can be fully exposed," Houstonian Jodi Skorupski suggested when we hit the streets for people's opinion on the matter.

Alan Cowthran agreed. "If you're going to be sending nude pictures, you probably shouldn't be doing that to begin with because you always have that risk of getting caught, you always have that risk of it leaking out on the internet."

What's more troubling about the latest breach is that 50% of Snapchat's users are teenagers. Meaning a content leak from these parts could constitute child pornography.

So, still think photo hacking is funny? Didn't think so.

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