The Colleges with the Most & Least ‘Dateable’ Alums

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There’s an abundant stream of college rankings based on anything from “smartest” students to “sexxxiest” students. To those students who are “both hot and smart”.

But forget about those lists when looking for an ideal dinner date. Ya might want to check out one more ranking before you waste a good outfit. The most “Dateable Alums”.

Paid matchmaking service The Dating Ring collected 7,500 date feedback reports from 1,600 people over an 18-month period to see which college alumni served as the most enjoyable dates. ‘Dateability’ scores were calculated based on the percent of people who said that they would opt for a second date.

So listen up all you singles here are the Top 5 Most Dateable Alums…

  1. Colgate University
  2. Lehigh University
  3. University of Texas Austin
  4. University of Southern California
  5. McGill University

And the worst…

  1. Babson College
  2. University of Chicago
  3. Rutgers University
  4. University of Washington
  5. Michigan State University

Before you start singing your college fight song, keep in mind the only people surveyed were in San Francisco or NYC. Clearly that’s why my two alma maters weren’t on the most dateable list.

I’ve dated guys from UT but no horns have “hooked me”. Maybe I’ll give a Colgate Raider a go. All I can say is as a single girl; I’m going to start prowling Alumni Mixers.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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