A Houston based company offers rocket rides into space for the deceased

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Funerals out in space have been part of our fantasies for decades. But what was once science fiction has become science fact, ever since Celestis was launched. They are a Houston company which provides the dearly departed with a rocket ride into space.

Celestis has been giving folks a chance to fulfill their life long dream (even though it's after their death) of being space travelers, since 1997. The company takes already cremated remains and blasts a portion of the ashes on a number of different missions. Some are just a quick ride up and then back down to Earth. Others are a more permanent journey, into deep space. And with a starting price of $995, the service might be out of this world but the costs aren't.

Of course, Hollywood stars have also reached for the stars and have hitched a ride on a rocket with Celestis, including Star Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry. The company also prides themselves as being affordable to most.

The remains of Walter Hoving, who loved space and the stars ever since he was a kid, will be onboard a rocket scheduled for launch October 20 from New Mexico's Spaceport America. This is the company's 13th mission.

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