Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Get checked

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Grego sounds off on Brest Cancer Awareness Month:

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month where everything turns pink! It's great to be aware, but if you don't take the next step and get a mamagram or at the least check yourself, you've missed the message. Breast, the most common cancer among women worldwide doesn't discriminate based on age, or race. And though less common, men can get it too. Most of us know someone who's had it, maybe you've had it yourself which is why I know you'd tell someone "and it doesn't have to be a death sentence!" Exactly! I spread the word in honor of my mother. She had it, had a breast removed, did full reconstruction and this year she celebrates 10 years cancer free! Now, I've been told mamagrams can be uncomfortable. My wife said imagine a very sensitive part of your body in a vise smooshed flat.Not fun.. but it's only several minutes to get some pictures, not like childbirth, something else I know nothing about or getting a tattoo!! (that I do know!) Susan G. Komen says for 30-34 year olds, the risk is 1-228 women or less than 1%, for 40+years old, 1 in 69 women or 1.5%, for 50-plus  1 in 43 or 2.3%. So chances do increase with age, but don't let fear keep you from a simple check to find a silent killer that could potentially take you away from your family, your husband, or your children. Make an appointment. Put "get a mamagram" on your to do list."

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