California cops collar copycat creepy clown kid

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WASCO, California -– There are just some things we don’t want to think about clowns doing, like drinking, smoking and carousing all night. But, clowns are people, too. Sometimes.

And there are other things we really don’t want clowns to do, like hurt people.

The fine folks in Wasco, CA, have been creeped out lately by photos of a creepy clown showing up at various places in their town.

Turns out, that the clowning around town is for a year-long photography project of local husband and wife team.

And it looks like it’s turned into an opportunity for at least one clown competition on Twitter.

Concurrently, Bakersfield, CA, cops collared a copycat clown caught chasing kids down the street.Cops charged the 14-year-old with annoying a minor.

But, apparently, other clowns are out there, armed with more than seltzer bottles, like “machetes, baseball bats, these types of things,” said Bakersfield police sergeant Joe Grubbs. “So depending on the circumstances it can be frightening and depending on who the victim is that's being chased, it can be frightening."

Whatever happened to the days when the worst a clown could be was a cereal killer.

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