CDC: Dogs can get Ebola; uncertain if they can spread it to humans

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Ebola is creeping into America and has already killed four thousand people in West Africa -- so it may seem ridiculous or insensitive to talk or worry about dogs catching the disease. It`s not.

Experts worry that healthcare workers treating the infected, might be reluctant to come forward if they fear their pet will be euthanized. Case in point, the nurse in Spain, infected with Ebola, whose dog was euthanized. Dallas nurse Nina Pham`s two dogs have been placed in quarantine.

"I think that`s it`s a necessary precaution. I don`t think that the dog should have been euthanized, I think that it`s right to quarantine because Ebola is such a problem that we really do need to take all the necessary precautions" say dog owner Gabrielle Manno.

Differing responses stem from the fact that we`re still learning about the virus. "Day in, day out, if we`re not directly involved with managing an Ebola case, we should have no concern- we should have zero worries that this is going to be a problem for all of our pet owners" say Dr. Alicia Walter of Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital.

The Centers for Disease Control says dogs can get the virus but still don`t know if they can pass it on to humans. "I feel like, yes we`re probably all pretty safe but it is still scary to see what is happening" says dog owner, Allyson Santola. "This is not a disease that is endemic to the United States at all. So there are not dogs that are running around in the U.S. carrying it and passing it on to people. Our average pet owning public, they should have zero concern explains Dr. Walter.

Well, that`s a relief.

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