Houston teen creates a non-profit to send candy to kids in poor countries

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HOUSTON, Texas - We live in a tough world, with Ebola, ISIS, hunger and oppression.  But we know there's still hope when so many kids and teenagers at home and abroad are trying to make a difference.

Arooj Sheikh, 15, from Pearland had a sweet idea to fight the monsters of Halloween and bring smiles to the faces of children who live in poverty: she's created Candies4Kids, a non-profit dedicated to collecting candy in the U.S. and delivering it to kids in the developing world.

"A lot of good childhood memories involve candy,"  Arooj explained, "and these kids had to grow up suffering from poverty, in harsh environments and they really need something to show them that things can be better."

Arooj speaks five languages, is a black-belt in Tae-Kwan-Do and is passionate about making the world a better place.  Although, she knows candy can't cure diseases or feed impoverished people.

She says, "Those are extremely important issues to deal with, but the problem is that we can't get rid of them all in one day.  So, these kids have to deal with this, constantly growing up around these harsh situations."

Gestures like these?  Eye candy for the soul.

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