Italy calls in their army to grow them cheap marijuana

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ROVIGO, Italy - When you need to get the job done, send in the army! Italy thinks they've found a solution to the country's "high" pot prices, and that's by getting the Italian military to grow the marijuana for them.

Although Italy legalized medical marijuana last year, only a few patients signed up. That's because the legal pot sold at pharmacies is imported from Holland and costs about $48 per gram. The much cheaper "street weed" priced at slightly over 6 bucks per gram. Concerned the mafia was going to make a killing in this new marijuana market, the Italians turned to their troops for help in combatting the high cost of pot.

Starting next year a high-security, army lab in Florence will be growing cannabis for Italy's health care system. The new military supply should allow the Italian government to bring the price of medical marijuana down.

They also plan to grow "primo" stuff too, using a strain developed by Italy's top pot breeder Gianpaolo Grassi. And with name like Grassi, it's gotta be good grass! From pasta to pot, Italians hope to prove that they know how to use their noodles.

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