North Korea’s Kim Jong Un comes out in first official photos in weeks

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PYONGYANG, Nrth Korea -– For weeks, now, the entire world has had a single message for North Korea’s diminutive dictator Li’l Kim Jong Un: Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Li’l Kim has been out of sight, but not out of mind for five weeks. He was limping and had put on a few pounds the last time anyone saw him. He even missed North Korea’s big birthday bash.

But now, he’s come out, sort of.

The front page of North Korea’s state-run newspaper has a series of photos released by his Beastly Boyz.

We don’t know when the photos were taken, or even if that’s Li’l Kim in them. For all we know, it could be an impersonator, like that guy in Hong Kong who’s available to take a picture with you.

But these official photos sure look like Li’l Kim doing what he does best: smiling, surrounding himself by people sucking up to him because they want to go on eating and living.

We even see him sharing his deep wisdom as he leans on a cane. Not sure if it’s for walking or for beating someone over the head. But, knowing Li'l Kim, we’ll soon find out.

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