Gamers vs. Girls in “Gamergate”

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The cool thing about online gaming? You can be whoever you want to be.

The not so cool thing about gaming? Women are usually portrayed as one thing. Sex objects! Long gone are the days that gaming was a boys-only club. So, the push for more gender equality began.

Developer Brianna Wu has been very outspoken about her industry's depiction of women on screen, but some disgruntled gamers are letting her know they're not happy with her suggestions, and they're not playing around.

Wu says she got detailed death threats along with promises to castrate her husband on Twitter from the user name, "Death To Brianna." While cops in Massachusetts say they're working on finding the person or people responsible for the Tweets, Brianna and her husband left their home to be safe.

Unfortunately, Brianna's not alone. Other women have been attacked via social media using the hashtag "Gamergate."

However, Brianna's not unplugging from the gaming world just yet. She says, "I am not [going to] get bullied out of this industry by some people that are this threatened by women who just want to sit here and make videos games. It is ridiculous."

Looks like it's girls versus gamers, in a world that's not all fun and games.

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  • Smith

    GamerGate doesn’t condone threats of violence. We’re fighting for ethics in journalism. I’ve always loved your show, and Grego is awesome so I expected more from newsfix. Why didn’t you cover both sides of the story? The people who threatened Brianna are just internet trolls and have no real affiliation with GamerGate.

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