Sneezes: More powerful than we think

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Grego sounds off on the power of sneezes especially during this epidemic of Ebola.

"After a couple a  sneezes last night, the wife said 'Ugh, you're so loud!' Well, little does she know when she lets go it sounds like a.... umm, it is not important but with Ebola, the flu and other things looking to infect us humans, I was reminded of a study that came out in april from MIT saying droplets from coughs and sneezes can travel up to 200 times farther than previously thought!  Here look..       nasty or what?  See that?! There's even blowback on the sneezer!  Researchers observed that each droplet is accompanied by 'gas clouds' that allow the droplets to travel greater distances.  The smallest measured droplets, less than 50 micrometers in size, can stay airborne long enough to enter ceiling ventilation units.. nice..going viral with co-workers anyone?  Now, here's what an uncovered sneeze looks like, be warned it's a little gross. Schnoze spray up to 11 feet away!  You can cover your mouth but some gets through and is all over your hands, and the elbow...still allows partial blowby. Noted pysician Dr. Richard Besser claims "the" best way to stiffle your sneeze spray is still with a tissue. Stay healthy my friends. "

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