Ebola seems to have travelers on edge

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DALLAS, Tx. -- The Ebola fear, it's everywhere; on planes and even in courtrooms.

On Thursday, a woman passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Chicago threw up in the aisle while she was on her way to the bathroom.

That's where the flight crew kept her; in the bathroom until the flight ended about 45 minutes later.

American Airlines says "there were no concerns related to Ebola" and "this was just a sick passenger, and we took care of her."

Throwing up on an airplane is not uncommon.  People get motion sickness from turbulence.

Aren't those little bags in the seat pockets made just for those situations?

These days, who needs to see someone vomiting to be concerned about Ebola?  Just being in the same room with someone who says they have it is enough to clear a crowd.

Like in this Florida courtroom after a judge says an inmate claimed he has the virus.

The inmate, 42-year-old Joseph Britton, definitely delayed his bond hearing.

Later, Britton says his words were taken out of context and he was talking about a nurse in Fort Lauderdale who had Ebola.

The judge wasn't dismissing that claim.  A Hazmat team was sent to the jail and cleaned areas where Britton had been.

The Broward Health Medical Center determined Britton doesn't have the virus, but causing a scene like that could get him more time in solitary confinement, better yet, even quarantined.

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