Canadian says he found a dead mouse in cup of McDonald’s coffee

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FREDERICTON, Canada – Remember the good old days when the little lady would serve up a steaming cup of fresh-brewed coffee for her man in the morning?

Today, she might put some extra flavoring in the cup, like vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, or, if you’re in Canada, you could find your coffee flavored with furry mouse and droppings.

Ron Morais of Fredericton, Canada, had been sipping his cup of McDonald’s coffee all day. As is his usual practice, he removed the lid to finish off what was left, and it was then that me met his little friend.

A co-worker posted a video on Youtube that seems to show a dead mouse at the bottom of the cup. Morais says he also found mouse droppings.

Morais didn’t mean to rat McDonald’s out. He just wants to know how a dead mouse and its droppings ended up in his coffee cup.

Mickey D’s isn’t saying right now.

Sounds like someone needs to tell him about M-Donald’s new push to answer questions about what’s in their products.

He could ask something like, “Hey Ronald! Is that a mouse in your cup, or are you just happy to see me?”

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