Mercury in retrograde might cause communication chaos

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Tech toys been a little off lately? Miscommunication got your relationship on the rocks? If you’re looking for a reason why, then look up. Way up. It’s in the stars!

You’ve probably seen people posting about it, but if not, Mercury is in retrograde.

According to astrologists, Mercury controls communication. Cell phones, computers, relationships, and even contracts are all a little more at risk of becoming defunct.

It happens about three times a year, and you can plan for it. Professional Astrologist Rebeca Eigen says, if you have a choice, then avoid making those big purchases like a home, or planning trips during this time. Also, buying cell phones or big appliances isn’t advised either, cause they’re going to break down on you.

Whether you believe it or not, Eigen also says you can’t stop living your life because of Mercury’s spot in the stars. You just have to go with the flow knowing more, and being aware while you make big decisions.

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