Autopsy on Michael Brown may support claims from officer who killed him

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FERGUSON, Missouri -– The community of Ferguson, MO, is bracing for more protests now that word has gotten out about the autopsy of Michael Brown, the man shot to death in August by police officer Darren Wilson.

The results of the autopsy report obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch seem to support the claim by officer Wilson that he and Brown fought inside the patrol vehicle for Wilson’s weapon.

The autopsy found a bullet graze from the tip of brown’s right thumb toward his wrist, and there was microscopic matter from the gun barrel on Brown’s thumb wound.

Brown’s other wounds, including the fatal one, all came from the front. Also, the wounds indicate brown did not have his arms raised.

The St. Louis County toxicology report also found marijuana in Brown’s system.

Another autopsy report from federal investigators is still to come.

Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch also quotes a source with knowledge about what Wilson has told investigators.

According to the source, Wilson said when he tried to question brown and his companion Dorian Johnson about a recent robbery, Brown slammed the door on him and punched him through the open window.

Wilson says he shot brown during a struggle for Wilson’s weapon. Wilson says Brown then ran off, but turned around and came back toward the officer. That’s when Wilson shot and killed brown, who Wilson says did not have his hands up.

Things have been pretty quiet around Ferguson lately, but these latest reports just might be the sparks to set off another blaze of violence.