Buffalo Speedway to be closed for next month

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HOUSTON, Tx. — As if driving Houston`s streets isn`t enough to give you a heart attack at times. Now one of the city`s main arteries is shutting down for reconstruction.
For the next month, Buffalo Speedway will be impassable at the S.W. Freeway.

Danny Perez with the Texas Department of Transportation explains, “We wanted to make sure we do this in about a month’s time, and the only way to do that, was to completely close Buffalo Speedway.”

It may allow for the project to be completed sooner, but folks who live and work in the area are not looking forward to the closure.

“You think that`s true, in 30 days? I don`t think so. They always promise and uh uh, that`s not true.” according to Antonia Arreggyn

Mariann Dunwoody said, “That`ll cause backup on Kirby and Weslayan I`m sure, but if it makes the process go more quickly then maybe it will be worth it.”

To give contractors insentive to get the job done faster, the Texas Department of Tranportation is offering a huge bonus. $10,000 a day for every day construction is ahead of schedule, up to 7 days.

Let`s just hope Buffalo Speedway has a speedy recovery.