Oklahoma woman arrested after claiming her husband Jesus Christ would pay dinner bill

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LAWTON, Oklahoma - Christians believe Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins, but nowhere in the bible does it say he'll treat us to mexican food.

An Oklahoma woman is in trouble with the law after racking up a tab for dinner and drinks at an eatery and then telling wait staff her husband "Jesus Christ" will gladly pick up her bill. The restaurant (and Christians) are still awaiting his return.

Cops claim Kristi Rhines wined and dined at El Chico Mexican Restaurant in Lawton alone, but later refused to pay for her bill of $56.55, saying her significant other (also known as the Son of God by some) would spring for her meal. When a miracle didn't occur, police promptly placed her under arrest. She should've stayed home where her supposed hubby could've turned water into wine and a single fish into a bountiful feast.

In conclusion, Rhines was charged with fraud and booked into the Lawton City Jail, El Chico still got jipped and Jesus is still available. Can I get an Amen?