Does the Pothole on Aleen near Market destroy vehicles?

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HOUSTON, Tx. — The latest pothole that’s getting attention is located on Aleen Street near Market Street in Houston’s east side.

Jacob Paulus explained, “Next thing I knew, was a big giant pothole, two of them and bam and my ear was ringing and the whole cabin was filled with smoke it smelled like gun powder.”

That’s right.  the impact was so severe that Paulus says, “All the curtain airbags went off and it’s totalled now.”

You heard correctly and his insurance company claimed the car was totalled.

This gulch is attached to an abandoned railroad track and not part of the city’s problem. Luckily, this road isn’t traveled very much and those who do dare to go through, know well enough to give the dangerous ditch a wide birth.

“Some of them, I know where they are so I can go around them, but this one? It caught me off guard.”

If you’re on the east side of town, use extreme caution when driving on Aleen Street.