Teen girls from Colorado stopped in Germany on way to join jihadists

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FRANKFURT, Germany – It’s a long way from Denver, Colorado, USA, to Frankfurt, Germany, the stopping point on the way to the wars in Iraq and Syria.

But that seems to be where three teenaged girls from Colorado were headed before the FBI got German authorities to stop them.

The FBI says slick terrorist recruitment videos apparently convinced the girls to join the jihad. They’re from the Denver area. Two of them are sisters from Somalia. The third is from Sudan.

Earlier this week, a 17-year-old Australian teenager appeared in a video alongside ISIS fighters in Syria. In the video, the teen threatening to behead western leaders including Australia’s prime minister and president Obama.

And now it seems that Uncle Sam may be the latest support of ISIS fighters trying to take over the northern Syrian town of Kobani.

This is video released by ISIS that appears to show weapons and other supplies air-dropped by US planes. It was all part of a bundle, one of more than two dozen intended for Kurdish fighters defending Kobani.

The Pentagon admits to air-dropping 27 bundles, and the brass says the vast majority of those bundles ended up in the right hands.

As far as ISIS is concerned, though, most of the goodies ended up in the wrong hands.