Toy ‘R’ Us pulls “Breaking Bad” action figure dolls from shelves

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WAYNE, New Jersey - If you've ever watched 'Breaking Bad,' then you probably know it's far from kid-friendly.

It looks like Toys 'R' Us us is just getting the memo.

The retailer decided to pull four of it's collectable dolls that are based on the popular show after a mom petitioned to get them off the shelves.

The dolls featured breaking bad's main character, Walter White, a high school teacher who becomes a crystal meth dealer and his trusty sidekick Jesse Pinkman.

If that's not enough to have you breaking mad, the toys came with a detachable bag of cash and meth.

Yeah, definitely not child's play.

Because of all the heat, Toys 'R' Us issued a statement saying the dolls were being taken down from it's website and shelves.

Guess you can call this one a breaking bad idea.