Grab a slice in celebration of National Pizza Month

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HOUSTON, Tx. -- Now this is one celebration we can all take a bite out of.
It`s National Pizza Month!!

"It`s yummy in my tummy!!" declared Isabella Gomez

Yes, it`s Italian but we`ve adopted it as our own.

"Pizza is probably just as American as hamburgers and french fries I think," according to Kirk Orbinson.

Chris Gladwin said, "It`s a food I eat probably four times a week."

At Antonio's Flying Pizza, they know a thing or two about making a pie since they`ve been doing it for over forty years.

"Anytime we want Italian food or pizza, the only place we go are home and Antonios," said Fred Nicol.

But with all the toppings that can be put on a pizza pie, there are some that folks think are just a bit odd.

"I think the weirdest thing I`ve seen on a pizza is pineapple." said Nicol

"Maybe some squid?" according to Orbinson.

"I think Canadian bacon is weird" said Cathy Cole.

Well, one person's delight is another`s poison, but in the meantime, Sara Cate Cromack sums up waht a good slice of pizza means, "It`s full of yumminess!!"

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