Latest on Ebola: New York doctor tests positive; Dallas nurse cleared of virus

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NEW YORK, New York - The 'city that never sleeps' woke up to news of the inevitable.

The Big 'E' is in the Big Apple.

A doctor who just returned from West Africa has tested positive for Ebola.

Dr. Craig Spencer, 33, is now in an isolation unit at Manhattan's Bellevue Hospital.

New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, says there is no reason for New Yorkers to be alarmed.

However, they are on edge because, before Dr. Spencer developed a fever and went to the hospital, he flew on a plane, rode the subway and took an Uber taxi to go bowling.

That bowling alley has been closed for sanitation, and three people who had contact with Spencer, including his fiance, are in quarantine.

Dr. Spencer was treating Ebola patients in Guinea with 'Doctors Without Borders.'

Fortunately, he's back in the States, and will likely beat the deadly disease--just like Dallas nurse Nina Pham did.

She was discharged from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on Friday.

"I do not know how I can ever thank you, everyone, enough for their prayers and their expressions of concern hope and love," said Pham.

She asked for privacy, and said she is anxious to return to Texas and reunite with her dog, Bentley.

Pham, along with fellow nurse Amber Vinson, contracted Ebola while caring for the now-deceased Thomas Eric Duncan, in Dallas.

Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas admitted to making some major mistakes in the diagnosing and treatment of Duncan, and a hearing on Capitol Hill Friday exposed the government's shaky response.

John Roth, Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security testifying that, "DHS did not readily know how much protective equipment and drugs it had on hand or where it was being stored. Drugs and equipment have gone missing."

Co-President of National Nurses United, Deborah Burger, RN, also expressed concern for the brave health care workers who are battling the disease saying, "85% of the nurses say they are not adequately trained, and the level of preparation for Ebola in our facilities is inefficient."

You think Ebola Czar Ron Klain is ready to give that title back?

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