Man attacks NYC cops with hatchet, had jihadist rants on Facebook

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NEW YORK, New York -– New York police are still trying to figure out why a hatchet-wielding man attacked four police officers in broad daylight on a city sidewalk.

Surveillance video that shows a man identified as Zale Thompson running up and striking at the officers, hitting one in the head and another in the arm.

Both injured officers were rookies, having been on the job for about four months.

The two other cops shot and killed him, but one of the bullets hit a female bystander, lodging in her spine.

Police say Thompson may have stalked the officers.

Police also say Thompson had a criminal record in California and that the Navy discharged him for misconduct.

His Facebook page carries a quote from the Koran vowing judgment against those who wander or stray from the faith.

So far, New York police are not calling this the act of a lone wolf Islamic terrorist.

And there are reports of non-Islamic comments on his computer, comments pertaining to injustices faced by African-Americans.

Disturbing proof that such attacks can come anywhere, at any time, and against anyone, even armed police officers.

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