Tour guide unloads racial rant toward San Francisco’s Chinatown

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SAN FRANCISCO, California – The folks at Guinness have world records for all kinds of wild and crazy stunts, like the heaviest weight lifted by a tongue.

An unidentified tour guide in San Francisco just might be the front-runner for “World’s Longest, Most Profane and Incredibly Racist Rant” after being caught on video.

“(BLEEP) your salons. (BLEEP) your little herb gardens. (BLEEP) your little seafood (BLEEP)ing markets with your turtles and your frogs inside, okay?”

The guide claims to be a native of Los Angeles who has been living in San Francisco’s Chinatown, which might explain why she added some personal attacks on her neighbors to her bleeping rant.

“(BLEEP) your laundries hanging out the windows. (BLEEP)your three or four people inside of your little SROs. OK, (BLEEP) your noise. (BLEEP)your parades. (BLEEP) your dragons.”

We’ll spare you most of the other bleeps directed at: Chinatown in general, ginseng, hair salons, gates, bus stops, and jade (“Nobody wears jade anymore.”).

But one of the more surprising, and yes, disturbing, aspects is the participation and apparent enjoyment of the tourists.

Apparently the road to racial intolerance just got a bit more crowded.

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