Your taste in music can reveal how smart or dumb you are

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HOUSTON, Texas -  Virgil Griffith, a Wikipedia code writer says there's a correlation between music taste and the average SAT scores among American students.  He even had some free time to make a chart.

Beethoven is the smartest pick on the list, by far.  The German composer is for geniuses.  Those who never, ever went to a concert or had a happy homecoming would choose Beethoven as a favorite.   Closer to our galaxy, fans of Indie music bands such as Counting Crows are pretty clever.  U2, Led Zeppelin, Norah Jones and Billy Joel are still above average.   Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC and Queen are just cool.  According to Griffith, Rap and Reggaeton are not Ivy League material.  Hey, we didn't write the chart!

So, what's the elephant in the room, people?   It looks like there's also a correlation between educational achievement and socio-economic background.  The differences in music taste may be just a by-product of this gap.  So, let's face the music: this chart is not music to some people's ears!

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