Gamers play a 24 hour marathon raising money for children’s hospitals

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HOUSTON, Tx. - Gamers around the world put their thumbs to the test, playing video games for 24 hours straight as part of the Extra-Life Marathon.

The annual event, started in 2008, has raised millions for the Children`s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Like with other marathons you get friends, family and coworkers to donate, but instead of every mile you run, people donate for every hour played.

Aldo Guerra said he asked people to donate, “…through social media, I posted on Facebook, I asked my friends to see if they could donate something…for anybody it would be a huge amount of time. You`re going to have to take some breaks of course, but for me, doing it for this cause is what’s driving me to do it for the 24 hours.”

At Insomnia Video Game Culture & Vinyl Toys, they`re holding an overnight lock-in where gamers will be able to help them in their effort to raise at least $500 for the Children`s Miracle Network Hospital they chose, Texas Children`s Hospital.

Store owner Chris Unclebach says, “It allows a gamer to get involved really do something back for the community and really have a positive impact… I`m hoping we set the bar low, we set it at 500 dollars, hopefully we`re talking tomorrow about how we doubled that or tripled that.”

Last year, donations like these added up to over $3.4 million at the end of the event. This year, Extra-Life has already surpassed that with plenty of time still left on the clock.