Girl who donates hair to cancer patients gets bullied by classmates

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DAYTON, Ohio --You`ve heard the saying sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt. But the truth is, words do hurt and it's something Jetta Fosberg, 10,  knows all too well.

It started after Jetta did a charitable act. She chopped off a whopping 14 inches of hair so it could be donated to kids  who have lost their hair during chemotherapy while battling cancer.

Unfortunately, Jetta`s act of kindness made her a target for bullies. Some boys at her school started calling her a boy-wanna-be and ugly.

Frustrated, Jetta's mom, Heidi went to the school and spoke to Jetta's teacher and principal, but it seems Heidi`s frustrations fell on deaf ears, because she says the school has done nothing.

Even though the school hasn't stepped up, Jetta's been flooded with messages of support on Facebook.