New words added to Collin’s Engish Dictionary

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HOUSTON, Tx.- A word to the wise, Collin’s English Dictionary has 50, 000 new words.

Joining the 722,000 words and phrases are words like adorkable which means socially inept in a charming or endearing way.

Previously considered slang words like  meme, photobomb, and twerking are now in the book, as well as preload which is defined as getting blitzed at home before going out, and vape which means to inhale from an e-cigarette.

Have you ever felt hangry? That word's definition is  irritable as a result of feeling hungry. If you were hangry, hen maybe you ate al desko. It’s like eating al fresco but at your desk.

When it comes to our last new word, the eyes have it. In addition to your peepers, eyeball describes TV or web viewers. So, thanks for eyeballing NewsFix.