Sally Ride Science Festival gears females toward STEM careers

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HOUSTON, TX - Saturday, some Houston-area ladies explored opportunities at the Sally Ride Science Festival  at Rice University.

This joint effort designed and engineered by ExxonMobil and Rice University, many are hoping young women will consider launching a STEM-oriented career.

By STEM, they mean science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

These scientists' studies reach from the ends of the earth, to the ocean floor and into outer space, just like former NASA astronaut, Wendy Lawrence.

Lawrence says, "I hope to plant a seed, specifically to plant a seed that it is possible for them, if they're willing to work hard; one, to make their dream come true, and two, to see they can have a dream of working in a STEM-related field."

According to an Economic and Statistics Administration report, less than 25% of America's workforce is made up of women in STEM careers.

"Middle school is the time when most girls lose their interest in science.  They start doing other things.  If they don't take enough math and science in middle school, then they can't go on to science careers," says Patricia Reiff, director of outreach of Rice Space Institute.

Through hands-on activities and workshops, teachers and parents learned ways to support students who are interested in the subjects.

Not to mention, all the good food, fun, and music; which no festival is complete without.  So, get out there ladies.  The sky is the limit.