WA High School Shooting Update

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School shootings are far too common in this country. However, details about the Marysville, Washington high school student who walked into the cafeteria Friday afternoon and opened fire at a table full of students before turning the gun on himself, are much different than what most expected.

14-Year old Jaylen Fryberg seemed to be one of the cool kids at his school. The freshman football player was crowned Homecoming Prince just last week. That wasn't the only thing that happened last week, though.

Students say Fryberg was in a fight with one of his victims. His most recent social media posts point to possible troubles. His last Tweet made Friday morning read, "It won't last... It'll never last."

We're also hearing that Fryberg used his father's hand gun in the shooting.

This weekend, friends, families, and students pay tribute ensuring the memory of the female student who was shot and killed Friday, does last.

Many praying for the recovery of the four other injured students. Even more shocking?
The grandfather of one of the survivors says the shooter and two of the wounded are related. He said they're cousins who live next door to each other.

So, as the community pulls together as a family this shooting serves as a shocking reminder that metal illness doesn't just pick-on the shy kids at school.