Chinese table tennis player stripped of victory after dramatic celebration

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Düsseldorf, Germany - We get it, excitement is kind of hard to contain, but in some cases, all that enthusiasm could end up costing you big time.

Zhang Jike, a Chinese table tennis player, lost a whopping $45,000 after he broke out into his over-the-top victory celebration.

He had just won the 2014 Liebherr Men's World Cup in Germany and just couldn't seem to help himself, so he started kicking and knocking stuff over.

And as if that wasn't dramatic enough, he even took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd!

Zhang later apologized for the whole thing saying, "It was not acceptable behavior and I am sorry."

But it was a little too late for that.

As a result, the International Table Tennis Federation decided not to give him his prize money.

Talk about a costly win.