Feds warning consumers about decorative contact lenses

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HOUSTON, Texas - The ghost and goblins aren't the only you'll need to watch out for this Halloween. Be mindful of the evil eye!

Alright, so it's nothing superstitious we're talking about here. We're talking about those fun, decorative contact lenses people use for Halloween. Sure they can make you look extra scary, but here's the real scary thing. Purchasing and selling contact lenses without a prescription is against the law. You're only supposed to get them through your doctor. It's not only against the law, but wearing illegally purchases lenses poses a big safety risk to your eyes. Some folks have reported getting things like eye inflammation and infection. Doctors say it could even lead to worse things, like vision loss.

So the moral of this creepy tale, don't put the fake eyes on.

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  • Amelia Wing

    Using fake contact is really dangerous, the fact that contacts are not “over the counter”. They directly touch your eyes, and they harm them directly too. Remember, you only have 1 pair of eyes.

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