FTC sues AT&T for slowing down speed for unlimited data plans

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Has the internet on your phone been a little slow lately?

Finding it hard to watch your favorite movie on Netflix?

Well, if you’re an AT&T user you may want to dial in.

The Federal Trade Commission is suing the phone company for allegedly reducing the internet speed of customers who were paying for “unlimited” data plans.

The feds say AT&T made people think they had all this data to use, but then slowed it down after they used a certain amount, sometimes as little as 2 gigabytes.

Some internet speeds were cut by as much as 90 percent.

Apparently, it’s called “throttling.”

The FTC claims AT&T started throttling back in 2011 and say it’s affected at least 3.5 million customers.

AT&T, however, says only about three percent of customers were affected.

The company issued a statement saying the allegations are “baseless” and that they’ve been “transparent” about their throttling process since the very beginning.

Either way, the FTC is trying to get refunds for people who paid early termination fees for cancelling their not-so-unlimited data plans.

No matter how you flip it, it looks like there are bad signals all around.