Harris County District Attorney’s race gets heated over dueling press conferences

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HOUSTON, Texas - The race for Harris County District Attorney sure is heating up. With a handful of days left until the election, candidate Kim Ogg launched some heavy hits at her opponent, incumbent Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson.

Ogg produced 250 cases in which people who plead out to drug arrests, some as far back as 2008, were just this year getting notices that the evidence in their case had tested negative, or been otherwise untestable.

“There’s no greater crime than to put the wrong person in jail, because that comes at the expense of real perpetrators out on the streets,” Ogg added.

Anderson says her office inherited a backlog of cases from previous District Attorney Pat Lykos's administration that had no procedure in place to deal with cases like these.

“We also have the cooperation of the public defender’s office who has agreed to help us and represent the defendants when they do want to get their conviction overturned,” Anderson added.

Another blast came from Ogg`s criticism of Anderson in regards to the plea deal parolee Kelly Jo Ivey was offered in March for her arrest for possession of a controlled substance. Ivey was released on parole October 2. She was driving the SUV which allegedly caused the crash that killed Harris County Deputy Jesse Valdez III.

Now Ivey is facing another possession charge and could be charged with more in connection to the fatal crash.

Ogg stated, “Ms. Anderson is going to have to explain why, while she’s accusing me of allowing drug dealers to run free, she in fact cut a sweetheart deal with someone who went out and killed a police officer.”

Upon hearing the criticism, Anderson was quick to respond.

“One of the most despicable statements I’ve ever heard,” Anderson exclaimed. “I stick by my prosecutors who handled that case. They offered her a prison sentence for two years, which she accepted.”

In this D.A.’s race, sparks are as common as the subject of drug arrests. Both, no doubt will continue until the election on November 4.

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  • Chris Fuller

    Kim Ogg is disgusting. There is a time and place for everything. Today is not the time or place for her selfish politics. To take the focus from the loss of a father and move it to her candidacy is sickening. I paid no attention to the race before today, but I will sure have an interest now.

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