Grego: Launches are in fact rocket science!

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Grego gives his take on the recent NASA crash of a unmanned Antares rocket.

"Last night we were reminded that launching space ships "is" in fact rocket science!!  Roll that video one more time it's just so awesome, but at least there were no injuries.. this time!!  The lesson- the new race to space with private companies trying to take over where NASA left off like orbital sciences owner of last night's Antares roman candle firework and Cygnus spacecraft is dangerous business.  Manned spacefilght is an extremely difficult technological feat with hazards during lift-off: everything from booster malfunction, the vehicle itself coming apart, pressurization issues, space junk penetrating a vehicle, heat shield failures on re-entry to name just a few. I read that and don't know the specifics. but I can guess that's why it costs so much and NASA's budget was so big. Eventually slashed by the goveernmet, it kind of makes you respect the engineers at NASA just a little more, and how truly successful the shuttle program was!  Sir Richard Branson and his galactic spacecraft are going hard at it, too. The website virgingalactic dot com is a where you can  click the booking tab at the top of the page, fill out a form, drop your quarter million and you, too, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber can fly to the stars aboard Virgin Galactic's Suborbital Spaceshiptwo space plane next year. Two?  Oh-oh, what happened to one? In the shop? You know with no atmosphere in space, I wonder if Bieber's music still sucks? I can tell this, it will remain an unanswered question in my life because I'll be leaving interstellar travel to real space cowboys, unless Tom Hanks goes because he's pretty good under pressure!"