More than a rocket went up in smoke

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WALLOP ISLAND, Virginia - Six seconds into liftoff the 200-million-dollar Antares space ship went up in flames, like a three-dollar bottle-rocket, leaving the space community's best and brightest scratching their heads.

"Something went wrong and we will find out what that is," Orbital Science's Frank Culbertson told reporters after the blast. "We will determine the root cause and we will come back at fly here a Wallops again."

ISS Project Manager Mike Suffredini said the astronauts aboard the International Space Station will be okay until another supply vessel arrives. "We have plenty of supplies aboard the space station so the crew has all the food, water and other consumables necessary to support them well into next year."

But NASA weren't the only ones devastated by the crash. Students from Houston's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School and San Antonio's Hobby Middle School had science projects onboard the rocket.

"I was, like, really depressed because of all that hard work," Hobby student Kalista Ybarr said.

"Luckily we still have all our information and we still have all our ingredients," Tony Holmes said. "We just have to put it back together and send it back up."

And if you really want to add insult to injury consider this: at virtually the same time as NASA's rocket was burning on the launchpad, the Russian Space Agency was launching a supply ship of it's own. Their's successful.

The good news for us is that no one was hurt. The bad news is it still had that new spaceship smell.