Studies suggest more sex is good, more milk is not so good

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MONTREAL, Canada – So, is there a connection between how much sex you have and how much milk you drink?

Only in this story, where the sex comes first. And, it’s good news, sort of, at least for guys.

Researchers at the University of Montreal found out that men who have sex with more than 20 women have a lower risk for getting prostate cancer. But not in one night, of course. And it’s 20 women over many years, otherwise you could end up with other problems.

And it had to be sex with women. Having sex with 20 or more men could lead to really bad forms of prostate cancer.

Other research shows that having sex reduces some of the stuff that causes prostate cancer, but the Montreal researchers aren’t ready just yet to tell men to run out and sleep with more women.

Now for the bad news, sort of, at least for women who like to drink lots of milk.

A study by Swedish researchers suggests drinking three glasses of milk a day can increase the risk of death for women from all causes, including heart disease, but not stroke.

The study didn’t look at what happens to men if they drink too much milk.

Researchers aren’t saying to stop drinking milk, they’re just saying that there needs to be more studies to figure just how much milk does a body good, and how much doesn’t.