Woman shoots video of cat calls during walk through New York City

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NEW YORK, New York – Guys on the prowl and looking to howl are nothing new to the Big Apple, especially for the women of New York City.

But for many women, a walk through Gotham comes with unwanted winks, whistles, and comments.

So the folks at Hollaback, as in “I Holla Back”, teamed up with Ron Bliss Creative to come up with a video that gives a taste of the tasteless cat calls that greet some women.

Hollaback says street harassment can be many things: sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic. It also can be based on the size of the woman, or whether she’s rich or poor.

Hollaback says it’s in 79 cities in 26 countries, trying to bring an end to street intimidation.