Halloween’s worst candies?

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HOUSTON, Texas - Seriously, is there anything scarier than going to the dentist?

But to be fair, the lovely dentists and their assistants at UTSD Pediatric Dentistry Clinic are all dressed up and on a mission to make kids feel comfortable, healthy and have fun.  In times of trick or treating, they're our only hope against mean cavities.

So, when it comes to keeping our teeth healthy, what's the good and the bad candy?

"We like to promote chocolate and those types of candies that basically dissolve, versus the ones that stick to the teeth, such as gummy candies, Mike and Ike, Twizzlers, Skittles and Starburst," explained Dr. Lisa McGriff-Metz.

Wondering what to do with those sticky candies?  Why not send them to our troops overseas?  The Halloween Candy Buyback program is a national initiative where some dentists pay children a dollar for each pound of candy they bring.  A pretty sweet deal!

So, let's add something yummy to the lives of our troops.  After all, they are the ones fighting real life bad guys, not just dressed up ones.

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