Houston Police Department teams up with McDonald’s for ‘Coffee with a Cop’

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Houston's men in blue invaded McDonald's Thursday morning, but not because there was crime going down. They were just there for a cup of joe. It was all part of the community event, "Coffee with a Cop."

"It's just another way we're out in the community letting people know we are there to help," said Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr., Houston Police Department. "We still want to enhance our police-community relationship."

The public seemed to like it, too.

"I mean, it's good to see he's actually coming out and trying to interact with the community," said Jessica Smith, who was grabbing breakfast.

But it wasn't all short and sweet. Some took it as an opportunity to speak out against the Houston Police Department.

"Instead of actually doing anything to inform policy, they are having a rare event where they sit down and have coffee with you and pretend to listen," said protester Remington Alssi.

One woman wanted to ask some tougher questions about claims that Houston activists and homeless have been negatively targeted by HPD, but she says she got denied.

"It's kind of like they probed me for a little bit, but they told me I was not allowed to ask the Chief of Police any type of question, which is very disturbing because I thought this was coffee with a cop and you can ask questions, but I didn't know it was just going to be fluff questions," said Shere Dore.

Seems to some, HPD might need a whole pot of coffee for this one, not just a cup.


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