Simon Says: Wendy Davis is the unforgettable candidate that became forgettable

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We`re a red state, where some polls say we’re evenly split on abortion. That`s why Wendy Davis will loose on election day.  It could be bad. If it were a boxing match, then Greg Abbott would have won this thing by a TKO weeks ago!

I`m sure Davis will sit down after election day and figure out what went wrong. If she`s listening, then here`s some advice:

Not too long ago you were the 'it' girl in Texas politics with your pro-choice filibuster and your pink shoes. So many people wanted a piece of what you were offering.

What happened?  Those pink shoes defined who you were, yet we rarely saw them in your ads, this spot is four and half minutes of your life story

We see your friends, but we don`t see the personality those shoes represented. I wonder what shoes you`re wearing here.

It seems from the start of your campaign, the unforgettable candidate became forgettable!

The debates didn`t fire anyone up.

The ad with the wheel chair seemed to just fire-up Abott`s camp.

Davis should have spent time doing what so many people in Texas do: stick to her guns!

People like Jesse Ventura to Arnold Schwarznegger became governors because voters bought-in to who they were.

The only 'real' moment in the Davis campaign was when she appeared on "The Daily Show."

Running for office is kind of like running through life. We all go farther and faster in a comfy pair of shoes (pink shoes) instead of breaking in a new style?

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