Clown costumes banned in small French town

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VENDARGUES, France -  A small town in the south France isn't "clowning around" this spooky time of year.

You may have heard about the out-of-control clowns in several parts of France, chasing people with knives, baseball bats and iron bars.

Including one incident when a youngster dressed as a clown hit a passer-by 30 times with an iron bar before he tried to rob him.

Now the mayor of Vendargues, a small town of about 6,000 people, has slapped a ban on all clown costumes from now through November.

If you're caught in costume, then you'll be arrested.

It may sound harsh for Halloween goers, but these costume-themed crimes are scary!

What ever happened to the days of happy red-nosed characters trying to make people laugh?