Keanu Reeves kills 87 people as ‘John Wick’ in 90-minute thriller

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'John Wick' was directed by two former stunt men turned first time director and it shows. Their first feature film is beautifully shot and edited, but the storyline and characters lack depth.

Justin Chase of Texas Art & Film shares his thoughts.

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  • Martin Mandzuk

    I certainly agree with this review. The only people I believe would really enjoy this film would boys under the age of 18. Reality check – John Wick would have been dead in the first five minutes of the film. There is no plot. There is no acting. There is just action and killing for no good reason. There are groups of killers, sometimes as many as twenty at a time with automatic weapons and they miss John Wick, while he never misses. The entire movie is a no brainer, meaning, just as the writers and directors, no thought involved at all.

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