Food for Thought: Ben & Jerry’s goes GMO-free

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Nothing says summer like being on the beach and licking on a cone with your friends.

But, have you ever thought about what’s in that ice cream? Turns out that it has some ingredients you might want to think twice about.

And those are called genetically modified organism products, or GMOs for short.

GMOs are exactly what the name says: food products that have been genetically altered.

That means they are not the same as what Mother Nature intended. Kinda like human growth hormones for food. It may not always be a good thing.

Folks like those at the Non-GMO Project are more than a bit leery of what genetically modified foods will do to our non-genetically modified bodies.

So what does all of this have to do with ice cream?

Well, in 2015, the state of Vermont will require food labels to show if any ingredients are genetically modified. And Vermont is the home to Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream maker.

Ben and Jerry’s used to have “Coffee Heath Bar Crunch”, a best-seller. But the Heath Bar contains GMOs.

And Ben and Jerry’s has pledged to take out all GMOs from their ice cream.

So, if you scream, and I scream, and we all scream for non-genetically modified ice cream, then maybe that next scoop not only will be mighty good, but it could be mighty good for us, too. Just some food for thought.

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