2025: Computers will do 50% of jobs

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HONG KONG, China - We don’t want to alarm you but computers really are going to take over the world.

Artificial intelligence and robots will take away 50% of our jobs by 2025 says a report by consulting firm, CBRE and Chinese real estate developers, Genesis.

If you’re an optimist you might think that means more fun and play time. Whereas a pessimist- mass unemployment.

According to Genesis and CBRE “losing occupations doesn’t necessarily mean losing jobs- just changing what people do.” A large number of jobs in the future will require creative intelligence, the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and social skills.

The top 5 jobs least at risk to be taken over by computers are chiropractors, biochemists, electronics engineers, directors of religious activity and education and supervisors of correction officers.

If you’re a telemarketer, title examiner, sewer worker, math technician or insurance underwriter, then your job is most at risk to be “terminated” or taken over by a robot.

If you’re freaked out that a computer might take your job, relax, you’ve got 10 years to find a solution.

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