Obama upsets Chinese with gum chewing and choice of rides

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BEIJING, China – President Obama had more than a Chinese jacket on at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Beijing.

He had some serious swagger going on, not to mention a cheek full of that gum to help him quit smoking. But the Chinese are used to their political leaders to be, shall we say, less casual in public. And the gum chewing offended a lot of them.

Some went on their social media sites to say the president looked “immature” or like a “rapper.”

And their not-so-inscrutable scrutiny noticed he used his own vehicle when he was in town, instead of the local limo service that many other world leaders used.

Maybe he should have checked out Beijing’s Uber.

But they’re not just picking on POTUS.

Cameras caught Russia’s Vladimir Putin putting a shawl around the shoulders of the wife of China’s president, which she discreetly slipped off a few seconds later so she could put on her own jacket.

Chinese social media loved that, but now there’s almost no trace of it left on Chinese sites.

Finally some common ground between POTUS and Putin, but something tells us that Chinese sense and sensibilities are not among their talking points.

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