Snickers must know something: You do get a little angry when you’re hungry

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MANCHESTER, United Kingdom - When it comes to hunger, the folks at Snickers are right: you do get a little angry when you're hungry.

According to research out of the U.K., being hungry not only affects your mood, but it can lead to bad decisions, too. The Soreen Malt Loaf Company in Manchester, England commissioned the study and determined that people who hadn't eaten within four hours were 62% more likely to make a bad decision than those who had. And the reason isn't rocket science:

"Being hungry sucks," Houstonian Amy Sutton says. And she's pretty much right. Turns out that when glucose levels in your brain get low, your ability to process complex thoughts and make decisions becomes tougher. But while your body stores glucose, your brain does not. Meaning a snack every four hours may not be good for your waist, but it's definitely beneficial to your brain.

Things you shouldn't do when you're hungry researchers say: Gamble, go to an interview, argue with your spouse, go to the grocery store, and make life or death decisions. Although most of us might say arguing with your spouse when hungry might be a life or death decision in and of itself, no?